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Visual storytelling at Mongui Maduro Museum in Curaçao


Mongui Maduro Museum is the third museum that has had its story made visible by Passaat Graphic & Web Design. Museums must offer more than just artifacts as visiting locals and tourists are knowledgeable and are eager to learn more. Passaat turned the museum’s story and information into interactive, fun, and inspiring infotainment.

A custom color scheme divides the museum into sections and atmospheric information boards with clear typography and image positioning provide relevant context. The boards invite visitors to conveniently read the story of the four generations of Maduros, who owned the plantation house from 1853, and their social & economic involvement in Curaçao. The renovated plantation house has a refreshing new look and the air-cooled museum invites visitors to prolong their stay. The curator of the exposition is Thamara Moreno-Vervuurt.

Passaat Graphic & Web Design created the logo & corporate identity of the Mongui Maduro Museum / Library and Foundation, designed the communications panels in the museum and all related signs in the vitrines, information stands, flyers, and invitations.



Passaat Communication & Design
Kaya Araña 89
Mahuma, Curaçao