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Jewish Cultural Historical Museum

How does a Jewish community shows its legacy?

By telling their story in the museum: how they arrived in Curaçao, under what circumstances, what their contribution is to the economy and cultural development of the island, and explaining their traditions and cultural objects. Passaat has designed a communication form for the museum together with Michelle Russell-Capriles and Phyllis Meit. 

The Client:
Jewish Cultural Historical Museum does exist since 1969 and is situated in two buildings within the walls of The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue in Punda, Curaçao.

The project:
We designed a new logo & corporate identity for the museum. At first we designed a timeline exhibit with the history of the Jews of Curaçao, compared with the world & Curaçao history. This gives you a nice scope of relationships next to each other. In addition, Passaat is responsible for the design of the story that the museum tells, by designing the panels and the information boards.


Passaat Communication & Design
Kaya Araña 89
Mahuma, Curaçao