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Flex Thrombosis Care


It is always a welcome challenge to create an identity for an organization or service to be established. In this case, it is a service of an already existing organization on Curaçao, LabdeMed (Laboratorium de Medicos). We were asked to create a visual connection between the LabdeMed logo and the logo of its new service, Flex Thrombosis Care (FTC) which we did by tying in the same shade of green. FTC will offer state-of-the-art thrombosis care on Curaçao. They measure your INR values with a simple finger prick. Just one drop of blood is enough for a trustworthy result. This way of working gives patients more freedom and personal attention as well as fast test results.

Goals of this project:
1. To design the branding for a new service and develop all its visual communication on Curaçao.
2. To convey the innovative and caring message of Flex Thrombosis Care.
3. To effectively convey the message that Flex Thrombosis Care offers solutions for individual patients, physicians, and assisted care staff.

As strategic design business partner, Passaat was responsible for creating the corporate identity for Flex Thrombosis Care consisting of a logo, color scheme, typography and grid. For the branding, Passaat created a website, a folder line for 3 different target groups in 3 languages, a patient collection folder, and a patient pass for Curaçao.

The Effects of Good Design

Being involved with developing the corporate identity and branding of Flex Thrombosis Care is an opportunity to show the value design has in launching a new service.

Design is based on understanding customer and consumer responses. Passaat’s expertise in visual design and strategic design gives the client the assurance of reaching its target customers with its intended message.


Passaat Communication & Design
Kaya Araña 89
Mahuma, Curaçao