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Good company, good communication

A logo is often the first thing people see of your company. And you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The better the logo, the more customers you can attract. The success of your company depends on the look of your logo, letterhead, website, brochure, billboard or magazine ad. The investment that you make is easily earned back by the good and reliable impression you leave behind.

But what makes a good logo? And how can you check this?
You can recognize a good logo by the simplicity. A good logo can be drawn (in sand) and still be recognizable. The most important part is that people will remember your logo. A logo must also be clear and recognizable in completely black and white.

Ever noticed that your logo will not fit on any background? Then there is probably too much color in the logo. The more color, the more difficult to place the logo.
Are you noticing that your logo is doesn’t look great when it comes out of the printer? You probably have the wrong file! This may be an RGB file, or the file was just too small. If you want to know if your logo is still up to date? Check out our previous post on!


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