Make the right message visible for the best result.

We are experts in strategic communication & experiences

Passaat Communication & Design is a communication company full of creativity, passion and fun with professionals ready to assist you making your brand the right experience for your target group.

Founded in 1996 on Curaçao by Monique Rosalina, we started as a graphic design company worked for different clients in several areas and different countries. Nowadays we serve as a the strategic business partner with more then 32 years of experience in communicating between different cultures, sectors, work areas, and social environments.

We create branding identities, spacial designs, science design and publications. Integrated in offline and online experiences with the user in our focus.

Who is working on your project?

We are intentionally a small company so we are able to operate efficiently and responsively. Our international team is a steady group of professionals who share high standards and a passion for fresh design. They all have a strong drive to deliver the best result.

Monique Rosalina

Creative Director / Strategist


Bram Perry

User Experience Designer & Web developer

The Netherlands

Jacomine Lagas


Tekst Compleet
The Netherlands

Lennart Laansma

Graphic designer

The Netherlands

Carla Contreras

Graphic designer


Maren Kooy

English Editor & Content writing

The Edit Queen
United Kingdom

Monique’s background

Born in Holland, this nature-loving designer’s interests are wide-ranging and unique. She’s also a creative cook, sushi freak, yogist, penguin collector, salsa and tango dancer and wine connoisseur.


Passaat Communication & Design
Kaya Araña 89
Mahuma, Curaçao