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Tired of searching for your official logo file?

A digital brandbook gives you access to all your official brand files, anywhere, anytime.

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Why does my company need a digital brandbook?

Do you have everything neatly in a row and have direct access to your logo, corporate identity colors or other corporate identity elements?

Nowadays we develop a digital brandbook, instead of a corporate handbook, where all logos, colors & standard files can be downloaded by the customer. Better for the world, less paper, much easier and immediately available, everywhere, 24/7.


  • Overview of your corporate identity.
  • 24/7 worldwide access to your corporate identity material.
  • Closed files so printing will always be according to the brand rules, avoiding modified designs that degrade the quality of your communication.
  • Protected with username and password so only a selection of people have access

You only need to call your design company for the new stuff… 😉

How does it work?

  1. We set up your brandbook with your logo, corporate identity colors, corporate identity fonts, business cards, and other assets* that you want.
  2. We give you a password and you get access to your unique URL.
  3. Now you can download your logo, colors, and assets anytime or send a link to your suppliers.


What if I’m not a Passaat customer?

We can do this for you company too. In the case you are not a customer of Passaat, we can organize your corporate identity with respect of your designers designs, and create a brandbook for your company.
It all starts first with a conversation!.

Feel free to make an appointment with us. We will walk you through everything without any obligations.

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What are the costs?

Hosting fee
Your company brandbook will be on a server in the cloud, the hosting costs are on an annual base.

Creating the brandbook
The volume of your brandbook depends on how much you want to have in your brandbook. There is no limit and its flexible. We have a basic brand- book with a minimum of elements as an example. Click here to see our basic example.
Use as access code: Brand

It’s easy to add elements or change them for new material.

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One project = Onetreeplanted®

As a graphic design company we love paper, it’s part of our business. But we also love our planet and take our responsibility for that. By giving back, reduce the waste, reusing paper in our offices and use alternative solutions for paper. So if we print on paper, we like to use 100% recycled paper or paper made of other material than trees. We also recommend digital solutions to our clients like this digital corporate brand book, but also digital newsletters & digital annual reports.

This year Passaat will donate 1$ and plant one tree for every project we do.
So you as our client are giving back to the planet too!


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