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Looking back to move forward!

25 years Passaat from Graphic to a Strategic design Company

As a business professional, your focus is always moving forward; calculating the next move in your business strategy, the next goal to be achieved, or the next great innovation. But not without looking back…

Looking back to 25 years of Passaat existence gave me so many insides, all the people and clients we worked with, the projects we have done but also the changes in technology and ways of communication. It was a bigger job than I expected when I gave myself the task of compiling an anniversary magazine. Not only sorting the projects, reflecting on the lessons  I have learned but also designing a magazine for the most difficult client – myself!  It was a synergetic road and I’m happy it is finished!

Please take a look at the digital version of the magazine here, or send me an email if you want to receive a hard copy.

Renovation of a Museum

Jewish Cultural Historical Museum

For big projects, you need patience, a wide scope of knowledge and a good team. We have all three, and with two teams working together on this project, it kept everything efficient and on track. Renovating the inside of the museum meant creating a new story, changing objects and changing the background in the vitrine. Our goal was to modernize the museum while respecting its artifacts and history.
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