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Analytisch Diagnostisch Centrum

How does a lab show its commitment to its community?

By informing the community how to live healthier, what they can do to monitor their health, and empower them. So that they can make better choices in their lives. ADC does this by publishing 4 health magazines in a year for the entire population in two languages, full of tips and interviews with interactive elements.

The Client:
ADC Analytical Diagnostic Center has been the national laboratory of Curaçao for over 100 years.

The Project:
Passaat, has its roots in Magazine design, together with Jacomine Lagas (editor and text), the team of ADC, Tyson Hill (translation), and several photographers, we make a magazine that reaches the target group of ADC and that supports their vision and mission.

Link to online version #1

Link to online version #2


Passaat Communication & Design
Kaya Araña 89
Mahuma, Curaçao