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Canon of Curaçao

How does the University of Curaçao teach the basic knowledge of Curaçao?

Staff and teachers of the General Faculty (AF) of the UoC noted that students often have insufficient knowledge of the history of Curaçao. Because we are convinced that citizens should have a good understanding of the history of their country so that they can participate responsibly in political and social life, the AF has decided to contribute to this by drawing up a list of subjects from the history of Curaçao that all citizens should be aware of. These topics could be discussed with all pupils, both in primary and secondary education. This common knowledge of all citizens of Curaçao should form the basis of enhanced citizenship.

The Client:
University of Curaçao, Nationaal Archief

The Project:
Passaat was subcontractor of this project for the design, in this project we developed a brand new logo, and the design for the website. The main contractor was Bram Perry and he was responsible for building the website and coödination for this project. With the contribution of various experts, the content of the 50 windows of the canon is filled with their knowledge and images.

The General Faculty of the University of Curaçao (UoC) has taken the initiative to draw up a “Canon of the History of Curaçao”. The National Archives of Curaçao, representatives from secondary education, and other experts have joined this initiative. Together they have set up a “canon committee”, which now also includes the Fundashon Material pa Skol (FMS).




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