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Strategic change @PASSAAT

What’s in a name?

Changing our name from Graphic & Web Design to Communication & Design is more then a name change . Its becoming a Strategic business partner instead of a Graphic deliverables company. When I started my company in 1996, there were not so many design agencies on Curacao. The most common name to use was Marketing or Advertise agency. At that time it didn’t felt good, because the range of work I like to do was much more than marketing and advertisement. So I chose Passaat Graphic & Web Design. Now twenty-five years (!!!!!)  later I change the name to Passaat Communication & Design, because the services we provide as Passaat are different the 25 years ago. And that is the reason to change the corporate identity of Passaat a bit. We will focus more on the strategic business partner we can be for your company. The 32 years of experience in the profession of which 25 years on Curacao has given us so much knowledge about communicating between different cultures, sectors, work areas, and social environments.

That we are able to offer not only on Curacao but international a different kind of service like: for example Corporate scan & Brand exercise workshop. But the biggest change is that we are a Strategic business partner instead of a Graphic deliverables Company. This means that we measure and have concrete targets based on the goals of our customers.





Passaat Communication & Design
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