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10th Annual Adobe 99U Conference in New York

The Adobe 99U Conference is a one-of-a-kind live experience that inspires creative professionals like me to bring ideas to life and shape the future of our industry. During ten days I enjoyed being away from the studio. My biggest challenge was letting go, or like Tiffany Dufu says ‘Drop the ball’ that I was not accessible for our clients and my team.

I think it is necessary for every person to get out of his comfort zone and experience new things. That was the main reason to go to this Conference in New York. Walking around in a metropool, energized by its differsity, in food, experiences, people, areas. I felt like a sponge, taking everything in. And then 3 days conference, meeting new people, a different culture, taking part of breakout sessions, that is also a challenge.

It gave me a new perspective, full energized, packed with ideas and even a few new contacts. And i know for sure this is going to be an annual breakout session for me!


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Mahuma, Curaçao